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Come and experience the fun and passion of Dragon Boat Paddling with us!

Dragon boat racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world!  Soaring down a race course in a long, narrow canoe-like boat, 20 paddlers moving in synchronicity toward that finish line, hearts pumping, paddles flying, is a feeling like nothing else!

 Established in 2012, Off the Edge is one of the region's premiere women's paddling teams. Ranging in age from 20's-60's, we train hard on and off the water. We've achieved great results at our regional races and always strive to get better, stronger, faster!

Would you like to experience this addictive sport first hand? We have team building opportunities for you!!

Corporate events, church groups, adventurous friends, book clubs...are all welcome!

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One Goal. One Team.

Dragon boat racing develops both individual and team skills, as everyone in the boat must work together, trust each other, and paddle in perfect timing to reach the finish line. Every paddler has a unique job, which encourages leadership and develops mutual trust for each person in the boat. It’s all about collaboration, timing, effort, and putting the team before yourself. It is the perfect way to improve communication, strengthen bonds and encourage working together. 

Off the Edge offers a 1.5 hour dragon boat experience for up to 20 people, sure to get your team working together and having fun! We paddle on beautiful White Bear Lake, located in the northeast Twin Cities metro area.

Experience includes:

  • The On-land portion-- a warm up, safety briefing, an overview the sport, paddle selection and instruction

  • Paddle time on the water-- coaching, paddle drills and strategies

  • FUN!

Cost: $400 per 1.5 hour experience

Interested in learning more or scheduling with us?

Team Building: Welcome


White Bear Lake, MN, USA

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